Journal Papers

  • The microtubule binding protein CLASP2 safeguards hematopoietic stem cell properties during mouse and fish development
    A. Klaus, T. Clapes, L. Yvernogeau, S. Basu, B. Weijts, J. Maas, I. Smal, N. Galjart, C. Robin
    Cell Reports, 2022
  • SMARCAD1-mediated active replication fork stability maintains genome integrity
    C.S.Y. Lo, M van Toorn, V. Gaggioli, D.M. Paes, Y. Zhu, E.M. Manolika, W. Zhao, M. van der Does, C. Mukherjee, J. Souto Goncalves, M.E. van Royen, P.J. French, J. Demmers, I. Smal, H. Lans, D. Wheeler, J. Jonkers, A.R. Chaudhuri, J.A. Marteijn, N. Taneja
    Science Advances, vol. 5, 2021, reprint
  • Objective comparison of methods to decode anomalous diffusion
    G. Munoz-Gil, G. Volpe, M. Angel Garcia-March, E. Aghion, A. Argun, Ch. Beom Hong, T. Bland, S. Bo, J. A. Conejero, N. Firbas, O.G.I. Orts, A. Gentili, Z. Huang, J.-H. Jeon, H. Kabbech, Y. Kim, P. Kowalek, D. Krapf, H. Loch-Olszewska, M.A. Lomholt, J.-B. Masson, Ph.G. Meyer, S. Park, B. Requena, I. Smal, T. Song, J. Szwabin ́ski, S. Thapa, H. Verdier, G. Volpe, A. Widera, M. Lewenstein, R. Metzler, C. Manzo
    Nature Communication, vol. 12, 2021, reprint
  • Protein Phosphatase 2B Dual Function Facilitates Synaptic Integrity and Motor Learning
    Zh. Lin, B. Wu, M. W. Paul, K. W. Li, Y. Yao, I. Smal, M. Proietti Onori, H. Hasanbegovic, K. Bezstarosti, J. Demmers, A. B. Houtsmuller, E. Meijering, F. Hoebeek, M. Schonewille, A. B. Smit, Zh. Gao, Ch. I. de Zeeuw
    Journal of Neuroscience, 41(26):5579-5594, 2021, reprint
  • Deep Learning Method for Data Association in Particle Tracking
    Y. Yao, I. Smal, I. Grigoriev, A. Akhmanova, E. Meijering
    Bioinformatics, 36, 2020, reprint
  • Multifaceted actions of Zeb2 in postnatal neurogenesis from the ventricular- subventricular zone to the olfactory bulb
    A. Deryckere, E. Stappers, R. Dries, E. Peyre, V. van den Berghe, A. Conidi, F. I. Zampeta, A. Francis, M. Bresseleers, A. Stryjewska, R. Vanlaer, E. Maas, I. Smal, W. F. J. van IJcken, F. G. Grosveld, L. Nguyen, D. Huylebroeck, E. Seuntjens
    Development, 147, 2020, reprint
  • Dynamic coronary roadmapping via catheter tip tracking in X-ray fluoroscopy with deep learning based Bayesian filtering
    H. Ma, I. Smal, J. Daemen, T. van Walsum
    Medical Image Analysis, 61, 2020, reprint
  • Concerted action of kinesins KIF5B and KIF13B pro- motes efficient secretory vesicle transport to microtubule plus ends
    A. Serra-Marques, M. Martin, E.A. Katrukha, I. Grigoriev, C.A. Peeters, Q. Liu, P.J. Hooikaas, Y. Yao, V. Solianova, I. Smal, L.B. Pedersen, E. Meijering, L.C. Kapitein, A. Akhmanova
    eLife, 11, 2020, reprint
  • Particle Mobility Analysis Using Deep Learning and the Moment Scaling Spectrum
    M. Arts, I. Smal, M. W. Paul, C. Wyman, E. Meijering
    Nature Scientific Reports, 9:17160, 2019
  • Automated neuron detection in high-content fluorescence microscopy images using machine learning
    G. Mata, M. Rado jevic, C. Fernandez-Lozano, I. Smal, M. Morales, E. Meijering, and J. Rubio
    Neuroinformatics,, 14(12):1141-1152, 2018
  • An Objective Comparison of Cell-Tracking Algorithms
    V. Ulman, M. Maska, K. E. G. Magnusson, O. Ronneb erger, C. Haub old, N. Harder, P. Matula, P. Matula, D. Svob o da, M. Rado jevic, I. Smal, K. Rohr, J. Jalden, H. M. Blau, O. Dzyubachyk, B. P. F. Lelieveldt, P. Xiao, Y. Li, S. Y. Cho, A. C. Dufour, J. C. Olivo-Marin, C. C. Reyes-Aldasoro, J. A. Solis-Lemus, R. Bensch, T. Brox, J. Stegmaier, R. Mikut, S. Wolf, F. A. Hamprecht, T. Esteves, P. Quelhas, O. Demirel, L. Malmstrm, F. Jug, P. Tomanck, E. Meijering, A. Munoz-Barrutia, M. Kozubek, and C. Ortiz de Solorzano
    Nature Methods, 14(12):1141-1152, 2017
  • EB1 and EB3 Regulate Microtubule Minus End Organization and Golgi Morphology
    C. Yang, J. Wu, C. de Heus, I. Grigoriev, N. Liv, Y. Yao, I. Smal, and E. Meijering, J. Klumperman, R. Z. Qi, A. Akhmanova
    Journal of Cell Biology, 216(10):3179-3198, 2017
  • Supra-Analysis of Intracellular Dynamic Processes
    Y. Yao, I. Smal, and E. Meijering
    Methods in Molecular Biology, 1563:209-228, 2017
  • A Hidden Markov Model for 3D Catheter Tip Tracking with 2D X-ray Catheterization Sequence and 3D Rotational Angiography
    P. Ambrosini, I. Smal, D. Ruijters, W. J. Niessen, A. Moelker and T. van Walsum
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 36:757-768, 2016
  • Stochastic Optimization with Randomized Smoothing for Image Registration
    W. Sun, D. H. J. Poot, I. Smal, X. Yang, W.J. Niessen and S. Klein
    Medical Image Analysis, 6(35):146-158, 2016
  • Fuzzy-Logic Based Detection and Characterization of Junctions and Terminations in Fluorescence Microscopy Images of Neurons
    M. Radojevic, I. Smal, E. Meijering
    Neuroinformatics, 14(2):201-219, 2016
  • Marker-Less Stage Drift Correction in Super-Resolution Microscopy Using the Single-Cluster PHD Filter
    I. Schlangen, J. Franco, J. Houssineau, W. T. E. Pitkeathly, D. Clark, I. Smal, C. Rickman
    IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 10(1):193-202, 2016
  • Isolation of Functional Tubulin Dimers and of Tubulin-Associated Proteins from Mammalian Cells
    N. Yu, L. Signorile, S. Basu, S. Ottema, J. H. Lebbink, K. Leslie, I. Smal, D. Dekkers, J. Demmers, N. Galjart
    Current Biology, 26(13):1728-1736, 2016
  • Quantitative Comparison of Multiframe Data Association Techniques for Particle Tracking in Time-Lapse Fluorescence Microscopy
    I. Smal, E. Meijering
    Medical Image Analysis, 24(1):163-189, 2015
  • Quantitative Imaging of Focal Adhesion Dynamics and their Regulation by HGF and Rap1 Signaling
    E. Spanjaard, I. Smal, N. Angelopoulos, I. Verlaan, A. Matov, E. Meijering, L. Wessels, H. Bos, J. de Rooij
    Experimental Cell Research, 330(2):382-397, 2015
  • CLASP2-dependent Microtubule Capture at the Neuromuscular Junction Membrane Requires LL5β and Actin for Focal Delivery of Acetylcholine Receptor Vesicles
    S. Basu, S. Sladecek, I. Martinez de la Pena y Valenzuela, M. Akaaboune, I. Smal, K. Martin, N. Galjart, H.R. Brenner
    Molecular Biology of the Cell, 26(5):938-951, 2015
  • BRCA2 diffuses as oligomeric clusters with RAD51 and changes mobility after DNA damage in live cells
    M. Reuter, A. Zelensky, I. Smal, E. Meijering, W. A. van Cappellen, H. M. de Gruiter, G. J. van Belle, M. E. van Royen, A. B. Houtsmuller, J. Essers, R. Kanaar, C. Wyman
    Journal of Cell Biology, 207(5):599-613, 2014
  • Quantitative Imaging of Focal Adhesion Dynamics and their Regulation by HGF and Rap1 Signaling
    E. Spanjaard, I. Smal, N. Angelopoulos, I. Verlaan, A. Matov, E. Meijering, L. Wessels, H. Bos, J. de Rooij
    Experimental Cell Research, in press, 2014
    Reprint  Abstract
  • Objective Comparison of Particle Tracking Methods
    N. Chenouard, I. Smal, F. de Chaumont, M. Maska, I. F. Sbalzarini, Y. Gong, J. Cardinale, C. Carthel, S. Coraluppi, M. Winter, A. R. Cohen, W. J. Godinez, K. Rohr, Y. Kalaidzidis, L. Liang, J. Duncan, H. Shen, Y. Xu, K. E. G. Magnusson, J. Jalden, H. M. Blau, P. Paul-Gilloteaux, P. Roudot, C. Kervrann, F. Waharte, J. Y. Tinevez, S. L. Shorte, J. Willemse, K. Celler, G. P. van Wezel, H. W. Dan, Y. S. Tsai, C. Ortiz de Solorzano, J. C. Olivo-Marin, E. Meijering
    Nature Methods, 11(3):281-289, 2014
    Reprint  Abstract
  • End-Binding Proteins Sensitize Microtubules to the Action of Microtubule-Targeting Agents
    R. Mohan, E. A. Katrukha, H. Doodhi, I. Smal, E. Meijering, L. C. Kapitein, M. O. Steinmetz, A. Akhmanova
    Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, 110(22):8900-8905, May 2013
    Reprint  PubMed
  • Reversible Jump MCMC Methods for Fully Automatic Motion Analysis in Tagged MRI
    I. Smal, N. Carranza-Herrezuelo, S. Klein, P. Wielopolski, A. Moelker, T. Springeling, M. Bernsen, W. Niessen, E. Meijering
    Medical Image Analysis, 16(1):301-324, January 2012
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Insights into EB Structure and the Role of its C-terminal Domain in Discriminating Microtubule Tips from Lattice
    R. M. Buey, R. Mohan, K. Leslie, T. Walzthoeni, J. H. Missimer, A. Menzel, S. Bjelic, K. Bargsten, I. Grigoriev, I. Smal, E. Meijering, R. Aebersold, A. Akhmanova, M. O. Steinmetz
    Molecular Biology of the Cell, 22(16):2912-2923, July 2011
    Reprint  Reprint
  • Rab6, Rab8 and MICAL3 Cooperate in Controlling Docking and Fusion of Exocytotic Carriers
    I. Grigoriev, K. L. Yu, E. Martinez-Sanchez, A. Serra-Marques, I. Smal, E. Meijering, J. Demmers, J. Peränen, R. J. Pasterkamp, P. van der Sluijs, C. C. Hoogenraad, A. Akhmanova
    Current Biology, 21(11):967-974, May 2011
    Reprint  Preprint
  • In Vitro Reconstitution of the Functional Interplay between MCAK and EB3 at Microtubule Plus Ends
    S. Montenegro Gouveia, K. Leslie, L. C. Kapitein, R. M. Buey, I. Grigoriev, M. Wagenbach, I. Smal, E. Meijering, C. C. Hoogenraad, L. Wordeman, M. O. Steinmetz and A. Akhmanova
    Current Biology, 20(19):1717-1722, October 2010
    Reprint  Preprint
  • History-Dependent Catastrophes Regulate Axonal Microtubule Behaviour
    T. Stepanova, I. Smal, J. van Haren, U. Akinci, Z. Liu, M. Miedema, R. Limpens, M. van Ham, M. van der Reijden, R. Poot, F. Grosveld, M. Mommaas, E. Meijering, N. Galjart
    Current Biology, 20(11):1023-1028, May 2010
    Reprint  Preprint
  • Tracking in Cell and Developmental Biology
    E. Meijering, O. Dzyubachyk, I. Smal, W. A. van Cappellen
    Seminars in Cell and Developmental Biology, 20(8):894-902, October 2009
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Microtubule Dynamics Analysis Using Kymographs and Variable-Rate Particle Filters
    I. Smal, I. Grigoriev, A. Akhmanova, W. J. Niessen, E. Meijering
    IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 19(7):1861-1876, July 2010
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Quantitative Comparison of Spot Detection Methods in Fluorescence Microscopy
    I. Smal, M. Loog, W. Niessen, E. Meijering
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 29(2):282-301, February 2010
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Multiple Object Tracking in Molecular Bioimaging by Rao-Blackwellized Marginal Particle Filtering
    I. Smal, E. Meijering, K. Draegestein, N. Galjart, I. Grigoriev, A. Akhmanova, M. E. van Royen, A. B. Houtsmuller, W. Niessen
    Medical Image Analysis, 12(6):764-777, December 2008
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Particle Filtering for Multiple Object Tracking in Dynamic Fluorescence Microscopy Images: Application to Microtubule Growth Analysis
    I. Smal, K. Draegestein, N. Galjart, W. Niessen, E. Meijering
    IEEE Transactions on Medical Imaging, 27(6):789-804, June 2008
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Tracking in Molecular Bioimaging
    E. Meijering, I. Smal, G. Danuser
    IEEE Signal Processing Magazine, 23(3):46-53, May 2006
    Preprint  Reprint
  • Investigation of Subharmonic Oscillations in Ferroresonance Circuits
    I. Smal
    Technical Electrodynamics, 4:14-18, Kiev, Ukraine, 2001
  • Influence of the Approximation of the Magnetizing Curve on the Results of Calculations of the Ferroresonance in the RLC-circuit
    L. A. Sinitsky, I. Smal
    Digest of National Lviv University “Lvivska Politehnika”, 418:153-159, Lviv, Ukraine, 2001
  • Synthesis of Oscillators Reproducing one of the Solutions of Hamiltonian System
    L. A. Sinitsky,I. Smal
    Journal of Physical Studies, 4(1):1-5, Lviv, Ukraine, 2000
  • Synthesis of Oscillators of Relaxation Oscillations with prescribed Form of Impulses
    L. A. Sinitsky, I. Smal
    Electronics and Communication, 7:26-32, Kiev, Ukraine, 1999
  • On the Simulation of Oscillations of Given Form
    L. A. Sinitsky, I. Smal
    Engineering Simulation, 17:23-32, USA, 1999 (and reprinted in Electronic Modeling, 21(1):19-27, Kiev, Ukraine, 1999)